Cyber Liability Insurance

Underwritten by BCS Insurance Company, our property & casualty solutions meet current needs and address emerging trends

Targeted products to protect your business from cyber threats


An admitted cybersecurity insurance solution for Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans with primary coverage up to $75M

Micro Cyber

An admitted cyber liability policy designed for small to mid-size businesses, and the ONLY admitted quote/bind/issue system that can be completed in under two minutes

Nano Cyber

A cyber liability insurance program for insurance agents and other self-employed individuals to protect their business for incidents that involve breach of private data and communications.
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Cybersecurity issues are a growing struggle for businesses of all types.

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Assess Your Company’s Prevention and Protection During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each October since 2004, the National Cybersecurity Alliance partners together with organizations to share tips during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year’s campaign focuses on four key behaviors: Use strong passwords and a password manager Turn on multifactor authentication Recognize and report phishing Update software These steps are great reminders that prevention remains the best…

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