Excess Reinsurance

Expanded protection for Blue partners that reduces risk exposure, increases actuarial credibility, and generates unmatched collective buying power through economies of scale

Protect your balance sheet from large claims with BCS RiskNavigator

Excess of Loss

Protection against disruption caused by large, unpredictable high-cost medical claims while leveraging the scale of BCBS companies


Holistic clinical and financial solution specifically designed to manage high-cost gene therapies

Risk Management

Access to a variety of value-added services, along with insights from national partners to help manager your exposure to high-cost claims

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Gene Therapy Update: Roctavian Sees Slight Delay

Last week BioMarin announced a slight delay in the next steps of FDA evaluation of their gene therapy treatment for hemophilia A, Roctavian. Roctavian (previously referred to as Valrox) is the gene therapy for hemophilia A that has been in…

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