Stop Loss

Medical Stop Loss

We offer flexible specific and aggregate coverage, insurance, reinsurance, risk share, and underwriting-only stop loss solutions

Complete array of coverage options for both large and small self-funded groups


Coverage per individual participant limits high-cost claimant exposure

Available medical-only, or medical with Rx


Coverage for entire group limits overall claims costs

Can include medical-only or a combination of medical with Rx, dental, and vision


We offer multiple stop loss reinsurance arrangements to help you manage – and mitigate – risk

Gene Therapy

Solutions to manage the high costs of gene therapies

Learn More about gene therapy stop loss and reinsurance solutions

Cost Containment Solutions

Access to a variety of partnerships with specialty vendors and service providers that support clinical intervention and cost-saving initiatives to manage exposure to high-cost claims

Learn more

BCS Stop Loss customers have access to BCS RiskNavigator and cost containment solutions. Contact us to learn more.

BCS Chief Actuary Mehb Khoja Named 2023 Risk All-Star by Risk & Insurance

Congratulations are in order for BCS Financial Chief Actuary Mehb Khoja – he has been named a “2023 Risk All-Star” by Risk & Insurance. Selected by the editors at Risk & InsuranceÒ magazine, Risk All-Stars are selected for their risk and mitigation strategies, their creativity, perseverance and passion, and their work to drive the industry…

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