Employer Stop Loss

We offer flexible specific and aggregate coverage, insurance, reinsurance, risk share, and underwriting-only stop loss solutions

Complete array of coverage options for both large and small self-funded groups


Coverage per individual participant limits high-cost claimant exposure

Available medical-only, or medical with Rx


Coverage for entire group limits overall claims costs

Can include medical-only or a combination of medical with Rx, dental, and vision


We offer multiple stop loss reinsurance arrangements to help you manage – and mitigate – risk

BCS Stop Loss customers have access to BCS RiskNavigator claims management services. Learn more.

Why Where You Live and Work Affects Your Stop Loss Rates

By Blake Schraft, Director, Large Claims Business Development Where an employer population resides has a substantial impact on the calculated stop-loss insurance premium rates. Why? The cost of providing medical care varies, sometimes dramatically, from region to region. Since employer…

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