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Ancillary income solutions designed to diversify revenue and increase income. | BCS Financial

Ancillary Benefit

Solving for benefit gaps by providing personalized and affordable ancillary solutions that protect the financial wellness of healthcare consumers

Large claim solutions for balance sheet protection. | BCS Financial

Large Claim

Coverage that protects balance sheets against large and unpredictable claims

Enterprise risk management and specialty risk products. | BCS Financial

Specialty Risk

Enterprise risk management and specialty risk products that meet current needs and address emerging trends

Investment vehicles and strategies to optimize the financial strength of the Blue System. | BCS Financial

Financial Service

Investment vehicles and strategies that optimize the financial strength of the Blue System

Success is in the Family

Supporting, protecting, and enhancing the success of the family of Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies across the country.

Our innovative financial and insurance solutions serve Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies and commercial markets across America. In fact, we’re owned by all primary Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensees, and we have insurance licenses in all 50 states.

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All we do. For you.

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Stop Loss 2021: Uncertainty is the Only Certainty

Employers are looking at an uncertain future as they mitigate the current pandemic crisis on top of predictive numbers of health insurance costs in 2021. Large, self-insured organizations worry that due to their employees reducing their use of coverage because of at-home orders and safety precautions, there will be a surge in sickness and procedures […]

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Meet the Team – Marketing & Communications

Internal communications are an important aspect of any company, but they are especially critical in the face of a pandemic. Sasha Jimenez, senior communication specialist, gives us a peek into some of the work she has done during the COVID-19 crisis to support BCS with communications, culture, and community service. Q: What does a typical […]

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