The 2022 Christine Pulak Award Winner (Part 2)

Last week, we announced the co-recipients of this year’s Christine Pulak Outstanding Service awardSasha Jimenez, Marketing Operations Manager, and Linda Wati, Creative Services Manager (both of the Marketing Department).

To help you get to know the honorees, we’ve asked them a series of questions – with a twist. We’ve asked Linda to answer questions about Sasha, and Sasha to answer questions about Linda. Read on to hear more about how they view the other’s role in the company, and the value they bring to the organization.

About Sasha Jimenez, by Linda Wat

1. How does Sasha’s day-to-day work contribute to BCS? 

Sasha serves every department in the organization so her day-to-day work is never the same. In a day, she could be bouncing from working on materials for a board meeting, to creating a corporate newsletter, to writing a communication email, to leading a community service team. She continually adapts to changes without skipping a beat – her agility skill is remarkable!

2. What work project or service of Sasha’s do you most admire? 

It’s so hard to pick one because her work is impressive and impactful. But if I have to choose one, I would say leading the intranet redesign project. She demonstrated her agility to adapt to new technology, her resilience to overcome setbacks, and her creativity to find solutions and champion the project.

3. What are three words to describe Sasha? 

Agile, resilient, creative

4. If you traded places with Sasha for a day, what would you be most excited to work on? 

I think I would like to work on the community service initiative. The team always finds creative ways to engage our employees and to serve our communities. With Spring season is coming, the team is working on a Giving Garden initiative, where employees can receive seedlings and grow organic vegetables/fruit at their home. Then, the harvest will be donated to a local pantry. Access to nutritious food is a key social determinant of health that has a direct impact on someone’s wellbeing. 

About Linda Wati, by Sasha Jimenez

1. How does Linda’s day-to-day work contribute to BCS? 

Linda works on a wide range of projects with her main focus being in visual communication. She could go from working on an important strategy document to creating product marketing materials to video creation and web development all in one day. She is one the few people that touches most things with a BCS logo on it – she really manages our overall brand. She is a go-to person for many people in the organization and I don’t know what we would do without her!

2. What work project or service of Linda’s do you most admire? 

Honestly…everything! I really admire her ability to jump in on anything and figure things out. If there is a need, Linda will try and fill it, even if it means learning a new skill. I guess if I had to choose one specific project, it would be the many website designs she has led from start to finish. It was more than just the visual aesthetic, she has an innate ability to bring together information in the best way possible for the user experience.

3. What are three words to describe Linda? 

Innovative, Dependable, Agile

4. If you traded places with Linda for a day, what would you be most excited to work on?

She’s currently working on editing a new podcast hosted by our very own [Chief Actuary and MRM President] Mehb Khoja we will be launching soon (keep a lookout for that!). I think it would be really fun to work on that!