The 2022 Christine Pulak Award Winner (Part 1)

Pulak Award

Since 2009, BCS has recognized an employee with the annual Christine Pulak Outstanding Service Award. Team members submit nominations based on those who they believe regularly exhibit the highest levels of service, and a judging panel selects the winner.

In 2022, the judges panel faced its toughest challenge yet when two members of the same team (who had been previously nominated in past years) were the top candidates. Rather than opt for a tie-breaker (where judges knew that the nominees would support each other over themselves, further indicating their generosity of spirit and service), the judges decided to recognize the accomplishments of these employees, both together and individually, by issuing the award to both!

The 2022 Christine Pulak Outstanding Service Award recipients are: Sasha Jimenez, Marketing Operations Manager, and Linda Wati, Creative Services Manager (both of the Marketing Department).

To help you get a better sense for just how impactful Linda and Sasha are to the BCS team, here are just a few of the comments shared during this year’s award ceremony:

  • “One of the most hard-working, caring, creative, humble, and kind-hearted people I know”
  • “This person challenges each of us to be better every day than the last”
  • “They are the first people to drop everything on their full plate to take on even more and help their team”
  • “A wonderful collaborator, and wonderful to work with each and every day”
  • “Gives so much to BCS, to their team, their family, their community and the very definition of a team player”
  • “Just like Reggie White, the Minister of Defense & #7 of the top 100 NFL players of all time, these people make blocks, tackles, and BIG plays”

In true team spirit, Sasha and Linda were most excited for the other to win the prestigious award, and had even nominated each other.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!