March Meet the Team – Underwriting / Christine Pulak Award Winner

Meet the Team Martha Barajas

Earlier this month, Martha Barajas was named the 2020 Christine Pulak Award Winner. Martha joins an esteemed list of BCS employees who have received this award, named to honor a late employee, Christine Pulak, who exemplified outstanding service and all the qualities recognized in our culture during her many years of service with the company. Learn more about Martha here in this month’s Meet the Team feature.

Q: Describe your/your team’s role at BCS.

A: My title is Group Underwriting Analyst and I am responsible for taking care of a variety of Limited Benefit and MEC Stop Loss products. For all products, I must review what we receive from our Administrator for new and renewing groups. This information must be entered accurately into the database, and the proper files added into our shared folders for our contracts department to issue policy fulfillment documents to the groups.

Q: What do I like most about your job?

A: What I like most about my job is being able to work with wonderful and beautiful people.

Q: What skills does someone need to succeed in your role?

A: The skills needed to succeed in my role are to be detail-orientated, be able to prioritize the work received, have the ability to work under pressure and to have patience, especially when we are in our busy season since we might have all three products renewing at the same time.

Q: Finish this sentence: “When I’m not working, you’ll find me  __________. ”

A: You’ll find me in the kitchen cooking for my family or cleaning the house. I always wanted to become a chef when I was young. I enjoy cooking all types of food – show me a recipe and if it looks appealing, I will try it. Of course after cooking, I need to clean up the kitchen and I end up trying to clean up the rest of the house as well. I need to have some type of music on when I cook and clean.

Q: What does winning the Christine Pulak award mean to you?

A: Winning the Christine Pulak award is an honor and a privilege for me. I feel appreciated and thankful to be working for a wonderful company. Tears came to my eyes and I could not believe that I had won, I was speechless. I will treasure this moment for the rest of my life.