BCS Celebrates Employees with Annual Recognition Event & Awards

Recognition Event

Recognition is a key part of the BCS culture. We like to celebrate our accomplishments, sometimes even in 80’s fashion – which is exactly what we did last week when BCS team members met virtually for our annual recognition event.

The following awards were presented:

1. The BCS Innovation Award is an annual award given to an individual or team to encourage and reward innovation, imagination, and initiative.

  • Kendal Sasso, Linda Wati: Risk Navigator Conference
  • Blanca Acevedo, Trina Arrez, Sukanya Beutelspacher, Eduardo Cardona, Priyanka Chauhaun, Tracey Crenshaw, Diane Fleming, Shawnise Jones, Tom McManigal, Oksana Nikon, Tony Piazza, Diane Sanchez, Johanna Schulte, Ami Starks, Maribel Villasenor, Julija Zamalaitis: Finance Improvements
  • Chuck Arquilla, Melody Bautista, Anthony Bongiorno, Annette Chase, Madiha Fatima, Gailya Ghusein, Eleni Hayden, Jonathan Jimenez, Sasha Jimenez, Yuna Lenior, Edyta Murzanski, Patrick O’Rourke: Wellness and Community Service Teams

2. The Christine Pulak Outstanding Service Award is given to honor an employee who provides an outstanding effort every day to exemplify our values. The nominee consistently exhibits integrity, embraces diversity, exercises transparency, practices agility, pursues simplicity, creates unity, and serves our customers, communities, and each other.

This year’s award was given to Martha Barajas who:

  • Wholeheartedly embraces change and is an outstanding positive example to others
  • Regularly offers suggestions or actions to improve a process
  • Takes personal accountability and perseveres to find solutions
  • Not only participates on teams, but is able to collaborate to achieve the desired outcome
  • Consistently delivers excellent service to external or internal customers

Martha joins an esteemed list of BCS employees who have received this award, named to honor a late employee, Christine Pulak, who exemplified outstanding service and all the qualities recognized in our culture during her many years of service with the company.

3. A special Corporate Services Award was given to Kevin Mitchell, Jamal Mason, and Carmen Maldonado of our Corporate Services department, for their efforts to keep employees safe during the pandemic. Together, they guided and abided by state guidelines for re-entry, provided PPE to employees, managed building access and contract tracing, and reworked shared spaces to maintain social distancing.  Thank you, Corporate Services!

Congratulations to all the winners!