BCS Financial Stresses the Importance of Taking Care of Employees’ Mental Health

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The BCS Financial team encourages all employers to actively assist their employees with their individual mental health needs.

May 11, 2021 (Newswire.com) – BCS Financial, a leading insurance provider serving the needs of Blue organizations and commercial markets across America, is promoting the importance of employee mental health as part of Mental Health Awareness month. BCS encourages employers to check in on employees consistently, offer coverage that pertains to mental health such as therapy and mental health days, and assist employees with the financial burdens associated with the mental support they may seek in a time of need. Currently, not all employers offer health benefits that include financial support for mental health crises. This is a major shortcoming, as mental and financial health is equally as important as physical health. 

“The number of mental health diagnoses and challenges have been increasing in this country, even before the pandemic,” says Chris Bailey, Senior Vice President, Sales and Market Development. “With these rising numbers, it is important that employers and employees review their benefit plans and identify opportunities to address this issue.” 

BCS Financial believes that both small companies and large corporations should offer employees mental health benefits as part of taking care of their employees. BCS’s EssentialCare Group Critical Illness is a great add-on to any employee health benefits plan. EssentialCare Group Critical Illness provides coverage for up to 35 physical critical illnesses, up to eight childhood conditions, and offers a robust set of benefits that provide financial assistance for caregiver and support services that fit today’s consumer lifestyle. It also includes an optional, first-of-its kind rider that pays a lump-sum benefit in the event of a serious mental illness.

“People often think about the medical side of a mental health crisis, but there are financial implications as well,” says James Drew, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Product, and Strategic Ventures. “BCS is proud to be the first to bring a unique mental health coverage to the market, deeming a serious mental illness as ‘critical’ and offering important financial protection during a time of need.”

With healthcare costs on the rise, employees are now beginning to prioritize quality health benefits when seeking job opportunities. As the world emerges from the pandemic with many jobs having been converted into permanent remote positions, it’s extremely important for leaders in business to check in on their employees. By being supportive, understanding workloads, and offering an “open door” policy, employers can provide their employees with the opportunity to be honest about their work environments, especially during times when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

To learn more about BCS Financial and its mental health initiatives, please visit https://bcsf.com/

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