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Season 2 of Firm & Final continues with episode 5, featuring Ryan Sachtjen, Co-Founder and CEO of software company ThreeFlow. The conversation kicks off with the largest single stop loss case Ryan ever sold – which happened to be the last case before he left to start ThreeFlow. Listen in to hear about the entrepreneurial side of the stop loss and reinsurance business, and the journey this first-time co-founder took to get where he is today. Watch or listen on your preferred channel today!

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About the Podcast

Firm & Final: The Legends of Stop Loss and Reinsurance is a stop loss industry podcast from BCS Financial Chief Actuary Mehb Khoja. Now in its second season, Mehb brings together legends from the stop loss, reinsurance, and self-funded industries to discuss current and future stop loss issues and trends, and share legendary experience and advice for the next generation of stop loss and reinsurance superheroes.

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