Workout Wednesdays Get Team BCS Moving

Workout Wednesday

In our current culture, people are doing more sitting than ever before. We used to get out of the house, walk from the car to the office, down the hall to go to the bathroom, out of the building to go to lunch — you get the point. It’s just not the same.

Research shows that you can reduce your chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and back pain, all with one simple lifestyle change: reduce the time you spend sitting.

To help get Team BCS moving, the Wellness Team has introduced a BCS virtual personal trainer – Julianne Schager.

Julianne is a certified Personal Trainer and owner of a fitness studio in the suburbs of Chicago, will be getting us moving on Wednesdays for a 30 minute workout that will get hearts pumping and muscles moving. Let’s go Team BCS!