Stop Loss 2021: Uncertainty is the Only Certainty

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Employers are looking at an uncertain future as they mitigate the current pandemic crisis on top of predictive numbers of health insurance costs in 2021. Large, self-insured organizations worry that due to their employees reducing their use of coverage because of at-home orders and safety precautions, there will be a surge in sickness and procedures in the next year. That is in addition to increased COVID-19 testing that many businesses require for employees to return to work in the office. These companies worry they are going to see a rate increase of at least 3 to 4.5%*, if not more.

Unfortunately, it is hard to accurately confirm the rise in cost. According to analysts at PwC’s Health Research Institute, “there’s so much uncertainty because of the COVID-19 disruption that it’s difficult to pinpoint whether medical-cost trends will be significantly lower or higher next year”. With this in mind, the best thing our industry can do for our clients is continuing to educate ourselves on these trends and inform them on changes that could affect their health insurance needs.

BCS is dedicated to providing best in class Stop Loss products and sharing our expertise with our partners. Our annual conference Sept 1-3 (VIRTUAL) will cover a variety of topics with leading industry experts. We encourage your participation and hope you can join in on the conversation. As we look towards 2021, the only certainty we have is that things continue to change and we need to be prepared for a variety of outcomes while keeping a positive focus on our employer groups.
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*SOURCE: Coronavirus outbreak is already upending health insurance premiums and copays for next year, by Bertha Coombs,