September 27 is World Tourism Day! #WorldTourism Day #WTD

World Tourism Day (September 27) highlights amazing global destinations and the benefits tourism brings to our economy and to ourselves.

Because traveling the world isn’t just exciting – research suggests it is actually beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health as well. A variety of studies point to international travel as a way to enhance your creativity, make you more satisfied, and even lower your risk of suffering from a heart attack or depression (source: NBC News, 2017)!

All too often, though, these benefits can be derailed by a bump in the international road. It is hard to feel blissfully happy when you miss a connecting flight, or to access your creative juices when you lose your baggage in a foreign airport.

That’s where trip insurance comes in. Benefits and coverage from travel insurance plans can include trip cancellation, coverage for unexpected costs due a trip interruption, lost/stolen or delayed baggage, emergency medical coverage, rental car coverage, and more, helping you reap the benefits of travel and stay stress-free.

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