July 18 is Insurance Nerd Day

There’s a lot more to working in insurance than you might think. In honor of Insurance Nerd Day (July 18), we asked some of our self-proclaimed nerds at BCS and MRM what they love about working in the industry. Check out what they had to say below!

“I love building things that makes peoples’ lives a little easier!  Working in IT in the insurance world allows me to build solutions that help coworkers pay claims and quote insurance coverage.   Being efficient at these tasks ultimately helps lower the costs for individuals to get the care they need.” –Michael Hartnett, Senior Vice President – Information Systems, MRM

“Not to go on a tangent, but sum people are mean and might say working for insurance is a pain in the asymptote, but that’s just a type II error. I think its exponentially better to provide the addition of financial security to solve for unknown variables.”Justin McGetrick, Assistant Vice President, Actuarial, BCS

“I would say the benefits, the growth potential, and the flexibility offered are what I love the most. Also, the people I meet working in the insurance industry largely contribute to how I feel. Like family, we support each other, work great as a team and inspire each other to succeed.” –Michelle Leslie, Team Lead – Rating, MRM

“The products I underwrite truly help people when they’re in a tough spot. That hasn’t been the case at every company I’ve worked for. I specifically got back into insurance for that reason.

Also – when I tell people outside of the insurance world that I underwrite group benefits, their eyes glaze over and they lose all interest in talking about work, so we can then move on to talking about more interesting stuff like the Green Bay Packers upcoming season featuring Jordan Love 😊” –Matt Jadin, Manager, Ancillary Underwriting, BCS

“I love the insurance industry because it is constantly evolving. Nearly every world event impacts insurance in some way, leading to new risks and opportunities for new solutions. There is never a shortage of questions to answer or topics to study. The best part about the industry though is that even with this evolution, foundationally, the role of insurance remains the same: to support people and businesses when they need it the most.” –Amanda Boss, Director, Data Analytics, BCS

“What I love most about working in the insurance industry, is the people. It is a supportive and tight-knit community that allows me to make a positive difference and encourages me to accomplish the goals I set out to achieve.” –Dan Slomski, FSA, MAAA, Director of Actuarial Services, MRM

“My favorite thing about working in the insurance industry is that every day looks different and there are always new challenges to solve.” –Sasha Jimenez, Marketing Operations Manager, BCS

“What I love the most about working in the insurance industry is travel! Going to conferences and speaking with insurance industry people who speak your same language. Who knew having a conversation with a glass of wine at the St. Louis Botanical Garden about the current medical trends will be a highlight of my travel.” –Erica Pickens, MBA, Director, Operations & Underwriting Intake, BCS