BCS Launches Impact Mentorship Program

To continue to foster cultural and strategic growth at BCS, we recently launched the second cohort of our internal mentorship initiative – the Impact Mentorship Program. The goal of the Impact Mentorship Program is to partner colleagues, one-on-one, in an effort to help with career development, education, and overall employee engagement.

The Impact Mentorship program:

  • Leverages existing resources to help employees grow and thrive
  • Improves employee retention and engagement
  • Helps with succession planning and leadership development
  • Supports diversity and equity strategies by improving access to opportunities
  • Provides one-on-one coaching to improve communication skills
  • Builds a better corporate culture

Approximately 20% of our team members will be participating in the Impact Mentorship Program. We look forward to partnering with all of our mentors and mentees on this initiative in the coming months!