BCS Earns 2020 Culture Badge from Energage

Culture Badge from Enerage

There has been much written about an organization’s culture – and what exactly that entails. Most thought leaders agree that a simple definition is “the way we get work done around here.” But of course, there’s more to a company’s culture than just how we do things.

At BCS, we understand that strategies, products, and services can be copied, but our culture is unique to us. At the core of our culture is letting employee voices be heard, and that’s why we regularly survey our team members and benchmark results against our industry’s Best in Class.

Based on our 2020 survey feedback – in which 90% of employees responded – BCS was awarded the “Clued In Employees” badge from Energage.

This badge means that BCS ranked in the top 25% of organizations when it comes to employees feeling “clued in” about what’s going on in the company. We are proud to be recognized with this distinction, especially now, while many of still work and receive company information virtually.

Corporate culture is an important aspect of life at BCS, and we thank all of our teammates who engage and work each and every day to be part of our culture.