BCS Donates $10,000 to COVID Response Fund

BCS has long been focused on helping its Blue Plan partners address the growing issue of high cost claimants, which can disrupt the insurance market and ultimately impact the cost of healthcare for consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic has added another layer to this challenge, with severe and “long-COVID” patients adding additional complexities to the healthcare system.

To continue to support ongoing research in this area, BCS recently donated $10,000 to RUSH University Medical Center’s COVID Response Fund. These dollars will fuel additional work in propelling RUSH’s pandemic response, including supporting its Community Command Center, and industry-leading work in treating severe COVID-19 illness.

RUSH University Medical Center was selected for its long-standing work to combat and contain the coronavirus, and because of their emphasis on health equity. BCS believes in making healthcare more accessible, and eliminating racial and gender disparities, along with coordinating health equity initiatives, remains a priority in our corporate giving practices.

For more information about RUSH’s COVID-19 and Health Equity initiatives, visit Rush.edu.