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A Bright Future, Built on a Solid Foundation.

With a solid foundation reinforced by a storied history and diversified knowledge base,
BCS Financial delivers financial and insurance solutions by engaging in strategic partnerships
with Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations and commercial market leaders.

Corporate History


Blue Cross Commission members (BCC), unable to effectively compete with national carriers, decide to form a national Blue company.

Blue Cross Association (BCA) is formed to own the new company.

BCA forms Health Service, Inc. (HSI), a life insurance company.


Associated Medical Care Plans (AMCP) forms Blue Shield Association (BSA) to capitalize a similar national entity.

BSA forms Medical Indemnity of America (MIA), a property and casualty insurance company.

HSI and MIA enter into a joint operating agreement as HSI-MIA.


HSI-MIA issues first national Blue hospital contracts for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Uniroyal Tires, Michigan Bell, and Ohio Bell.

HSI-MIA issues first national Blue medical contracts for the Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York Plans.

HSI-MIA national account contracts become the standard for the System.


HSI-MIA provides underwriting services and capacity to the Maryland, Nevada, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia Plans.

HSI-MIA pioneers vision, dental, and chiropractic benefits for national accounts.

HSI-MIA provides benefits in New York to alleviate regulatory constraints on local Plans.


BCA and BSA merge into a single Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

BCS Financial Corporation (BCS) is created to own HSI-MIA.

HSI is renamed BCS Life Insurance Company (BCSL) and MIA is renamed BCS Insurance Company (BCSI).

BCS stock is distributed to Plans in proportion to each Plan's original investments in HSI and/or MIA.


BCS develops Group Universal Life program exclusively for Blue employees.

BCS creates Organ and Bone Marrow Transplant Reinsurance Pool.

BCS develops and begins administering Plans' Liability Insurance Company (PLIC), a BCBS D&O/E&O pool.

BCS underwrites healthcare coverage for the 1984 and 1988 USA Olympic committees.


BCBSA grants BCS an international license for Western Europe.

BCS raises capital and forms Blue Plan Investment Corp. to solve the Washington,D.C., BCBS financial issue.

BCS develops medical stop loss insurance products for BCBS companies and TPAs.

BCS begins administering Plan Investment Fund, Inc. (PIF).


BCS adopts a "dual focus" strategy by introducing commercial product lines to balance its BCBS product portfolio.

BCS underwrites BCBSA's Blue Worldwide Expat Program.

BCS develops industry-leading limited benefit brand EssentialCare.

BCS begins a cultural change later featured in a Denison Consulting case study.


BCS completes corporate-wide rebranding initiative consistent with the new strategic direction.

BCSL becomes 4 Ever Life Insurance Company and is awarded BCBS underwriting licenses.

BCS launches GeoBlue international travel and Ancilyze marketing technology partnerships.