Some of our frequently asked questions are answered below. If you need any further help or information, please submit a request on the Contact Us page.

What does BCS stand for?

There are many theories about what the initials stand for… Blue Claims Solutions? Better Customer Service? Business Consulting Systems? Best Case Scenario? Some of our northern neighbors claim it’s Beer, Cheese, and Sausage. But, in actuality, it does not stand for anything at all!

Is BCS a Blue Cross Blue Shield Company?

While BCS Financial Corporation is owned by all primary Blue Cross Blue Shield licensees and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, we are not a primary licensee.

What products and services does BCS offer?

BCS Financial Corporation offers a wide range of solutions for our customers.

Who are your customers?

Depending on the product our customers include Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, commercial companies, as well as individuals.

Is BCS in the commercial market?

Yes! We offer a variety of products to the commercial market.

How can I get information on purchasing one of your products?

Please call us at 630.472.7700 or email us at info@bcsf.com

What if I have billing questions, need claim forms, or want to inquire about the status of a claim?

Please call us at 630.472.7700 or email us at info@bcsf.com

As an insurance producer, how can I get appointed with BCS?

Email us at producers@bcsf.com

I’m interested in working for BCS. How do I apply?

Please click here to view open positions and apply today!

My company would like to do business with BCS. Whom do I contact?

We would love to talk! Please call us at 630.472.7700