Meet the Team – Human Resources

Susan Lindquist - Chief Human Resources Officer

There’s perhaps no one better to offer insight into what it takes to succeed at BCS than Chief Human Resource Officer Susan Lindquist. This month, read on for insights from Susan – plus more about her role, her go-to resources for professional development, and the number one thing she’s sharing with employees about benefits enrollment.

Q: Describe your/your team’s role at BCS.

A: Our team’s role is to ensure we have the right talent available to meet our strategic goals.  To that end, we need to create a compelling employee experience that includes highly competitive rewards, opportunities to learn and grow, a vibrant workplace and strong personal connections within our BCS community.  We have almost 40% of our company engaged in culture-building activities including wellness, recognition, diversity and inclusion, community involvement and event planning.

Q: What do you like most about your job? What do you like least?

A: I enjoy the diverse responsibilities of my job.  I can be working on a strategic project in the morning, interviewing a potential new team member at lunch, and then finish my day by approving payroll.  I love that our small company size allows me to know all of our team members!  I least enjoy proofing Summary Plan Documents and Certificates of Insurance for our benefit plans.

Q: What skills does someone need to succeed at BCS?

A: In the last several months, we updated our company Beliefs to reflect both our values and our aspirations.  It’s very important that our current team members continue to embrace these beliefs and we hire new associates who commit to them:  diversity, transparency, simplicity, agility, integrity, and unity.  We can teach most skills!

Q: As we approach annual benefits enrollment, what is the number one thing you’d like to share with employees?

A: Make sure you use our wellness benefits!  Last year, we initiated a Lifestyle Spending Account which reimburses employees for up to $500 annually for expenses related to their wellbeing like gym membership, athletic equipment, financial planning and so much more.  Our Wellness Team also has created some great programs like virtual Cooking Conversations, 1:1 nutrition coaching and meditation.

Q: You are a big advocate for professional development. What are your go-to resources?

A: I am very proud that BCS prioritizes learning with such strategic importance that it is included in our Performance Scorecard.   I love the thought leadership that I find at Gartner and Center for Creative Leadership, and the quick wins I get from Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day and Daily Alert.  I also enjoy a good read and enjoyed sharing Mindset by Carol Dweck with a small book club last year at BCS.