Meet the Team – Marketing

According to Property Casualty 360°, the insurance industry will need to fill 400,000 positions by 2020, representing a variety of roles and professions. In honor of Insurance Careers Month, we are turning the spotlight on a profession that you may not think of when you think insurance. Get to know Lindawati, senior graphic design specialist in our Marketing department, with these five questions:

Q: Describe your role at BCS.

A: As a senior graphic designer, I’m responsible for delivering design solutions that meet company and marketing strategies from concept to completion. My work includes leading the visual development of BCS collateral, supporting our departmental and cultural teams, and maintaining the BCS brand.

Q: What key projects do you have on the horizon?

A: One of the key projects this year is the evolution of our BCS brand. We used to have multiple logos for different divisions, but now, we are simplifying the brand to unify our company internally as well as strengthen our brand position in the market.

Q: What does BCS stand for?

A: Fun fact – BCS is not an abbreviation. It doesn’t stand for anything at all! However, there is a theory that the name is a play on Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCS Financial Corporation is owned by all primary Blue Cross Blue Shield licensees and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association).

Q: What do you like most about working in the insurance industry?

A: Two things top my list: the work and the people. I like that the insurance industry is a dynamic field—where innovation and development of new ideas and products are highly appreciated. BCS, particularly, offers me the opportunity to be innovative and creative. I also get to work with the most talented, dedicated, and passionate people. Together, these make my job fun!

Q: Design your perfect day off.

A: I like spending time with my family and doing creative activities like finger painting. One time, we had too much fun splattering paint onto our bathroom’s wall at home. There was paint everywhere—it was messy, but we had a good laugh. And luckily, the paint is washable.