Common Travel Insurance Myths

Sasha Schnurr

A vacation is not typically viewed as an investment but it should be treated and protected as such. However, only one in five travelers whose trips were affected by medical conditions, natural disasters, and other events had travel insurance. The following article from Travel Agent Central dispels common myths about travel insurance that seems to be deterring people from taking advantage of the many benefits it offers. 

UStiA Survey Dispels Six Common Travel Insurance Myths|Travel Agent Central

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Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance?

Sasha Schnurr

The article below reveals the most common reasons consumers do not purchase life insurance and the regrets that it can cause later.

If you have ever had any of the following thoughts then I urge you to keep reading:

  • “I have plenty of assets to support my family.”
  • “Life insurance is a waste of money because I am healthy.”
  • “Life insurance is important, I will get it eventually.”

 Visit the link below and U.S. News will take you through some real life examples of people who had these same thoughts and the negative affects it had on their families. 

3 Ill-Advised Reasons Not to Buy Life Insurance | U.S. News

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Allianz Now Offers New Products for Travel Agents

Sasha Schnurr

Allianz Global Assistance just announced that their “Classic Plan” will now be a family of plans, offering a great lineup of new and enhanced products for agents selling travel insurance. This means a new, simpler way for agents to sell travel insurance with just one plan along with additional coverage options. The lineup includes:

  • Essential
  • Basic
  • Classic (base plan)
  • Classic with optional Required to Work enhancement
  • Classic with Trip+
  • Classic with Cancel Anytime

With coverage provided by BCS Insurance Company—rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company—this might just be worth checking out.

Allianz Global Assistance Launches New and Enhanced Products for Travel Agent Channel  |  Digital Journal
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Connect With BCS

Sasha Schnurr

BCS is going social!

We’re now on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To join the integrated marketing efforts, click on the icons below to visit our pages and connect with us:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Johnna using the email form on our Contributors Page.

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Welcome BCS Employees!

Sasha Schnurr

We’re so glad you visited our sites! Take a look around, peruse the information, and then give us your insights. And if you’re a member on one of our social platforms, connect with us… then tell your friends.

And don’t forget, this is a collective effort. So get involved by writing a blog post or sharing a news article you found interesting. Together, we can build a community.

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New Conversations

Sasha Schnurr

As the insurance and financial markets continue to change, it's never been more important for us to maintain open dialogue on the critical issues at hand. After all, we're not just each other's partners, owners, and customers, we're also the professionals that will lead the post-reform marketplace. So BCS is taking the next step to facilitate this dialogue by introducing our new blog, social sites, and series of Reviews. Our goal is simple: To exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience.

We invite you to join these conversations by connecting with us on our social sites—Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter—and continuing to visit our new blog, Navigating Value. Let's all step into the future with the knowledge and tools to lead and succeed.

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Charting the New Course of Value, Navigated.

Sasha Schnurr

Strategic partnerships. Mergers and acquisitions. Product development. Opportunities are abundant in today’s insurance and financial markets. That’s why at BCS Financial Corporation, we’re charting new territory to emerge from healthcare reform ahead of the curve.

Starting with the November 2011 issue of Exchange, we began examining many challenges facing today’s insurance and financial markets in terms of the innovative and unique product and service solutions offered by the subsidiaries of BCS Financial.

As we conclude this series, let’s now discuss how we capitalize on our subsidiary and partnership assets to navigate value in the face of emerging market conditions.

We believe that navigating value is charting new opportunities in uncharted post-healthcare reform markets. We also believe that precise navigation leads to expanding protection with the innovative insurance offerings of BCS Insurance Company, protecting assets with the strategic financial partnerships of BCS Financial Services Corporation, and enhancing protection with the unique underwriting solutions of 4 Ever Life Insurance Company.

Most importantly, we believe that value is navigated not only with a clear vision, but also with a solid foundation of strong governance, international capabilities, and best-in-class expertise.

We invite you to join us inside this issue as we further chart how BCS Financial delivers value, navigated.

Navigating Capital and Foundation Value.

Simply put, value is created when a business generates revenues exceeding expenses. But in today’s economy, many analysts insist on a broader definition of “value creation” that should be considered separate from traditional financial measures. At BCS Financial Corporation, we call this Value, Navigated.

BCS specializes in navigating value by pairing our ValueN opportunity model with our Value Spectrum of capabilities. Our ValueN model is a critical tool in creating growth because all growth is not created equal. We rely on this approach to measure, monitor, and improve four key drivers vital to the success of each opportunity: Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Organic Revenue Growth (g), Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), and Core Operating Profit (P). As these drivers are affected by quantitative and qualitative variables (Q2), we strive to understand and communicate the total picture.

Our Value Spectrum is an unprecedented network of partnerships and capabilities. The spectrum enables BCS Financial to leverage the power of ValueN by pairing opportunities with the innovative insurance offerings with the innovative insurance offerings of BCS Insurance Company, strategic financial partnerships of BCS Financial Services Corporation, and unique underwriting solutions of 4 Ever Life Insurance Company. Offering a wide array of insurance and financial service capabilities nationwide, the spectrum enables BCS Financial to be an unmatched asset within the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System.

Together, BCS Financial utilizes our ValueN financial expertise and Value Spectrum of capabilities to collaboratively navigate the creation of value with our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees. To learn more abou the new BCS Financial, visit us at

The BCS Financial Value Spectrum.
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